Creating safe environments for people to practice and develop momentary awareness, collectively.

Get Flowing

A personalised and highly interactive 2 week program, designed using Positive / Behavioural Psychology as well as Meditative Teachings.  

Flowing through the uncertainty of our current situation requires a new level of resilience and mindfulness.

what to expect

  • Understanding the anatomical Stress & Relaxation Response 
  • Positive Psychology Based Resilience Group Exercises
  • Skilfully manage Impulses and Reactions
  • What’s up Mindfulness
  • Understanding & Cultivating Resilience

The flow ~ Virtually

What not to expect

  • The resolution of ALL life’s problems !

“Particularly enjoyed learning about Nature Inspired Innovation” Member of Staff – University of Cambridge.

Be Together

A signature 60-minute journey of meditative teachings, practice and highly collaborative reflection.

Build Relationships

Shared experiences spark new conversations, dissolve barriers, and build more supportive and integrated teams.


Developing a meditation practice helps create space between stimuli and reaction; strengthening decision-making skills and paving the way to proceed with purpose.

Learn TO Cope With Stress

Meditation and breathwork triggers the body’s relaxation response, and gradually bolsters resilience. 



  • Before / After Team Assessment 
  • Live follow up coaching with Amr
  • Lifetime access to Our Sangha’s London wide meditation community 

Be together neighbour edition

Spirited Socialising! Invite a number of employees from a neighbouring company over for a Be Together gathering. 


It is a great and genuine way of growing your team’s supportive networks.

Be together sequence

This session follows the Be Together sequence, only difference is having neighbours over!

‘Amru’s session was amazing.  We really enjoyed learning about the potential for collaboration and connection with others through meditation.  We loved the set up – it was great to get some headspace for an hour in a busy day’ Head of Legal – Appear Here


  • Full organising logistics. (we’ve done this, rest assured)
  • Lifetime access to Our Sangha’s London wide meditation community 

Step into the realm of Social Well being

“we really enjoyed learning about the potential for collaboration
and connection with others through meditation” Head of Legal – AppearHere

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