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 Join us on a mission to reshape personal development 

into an interactive social experience. 

In our quest to create space for holistic personal development and reach our collective human potential, Sangha has travelled from ancient contemplative teachings to the most cutting-edge scientific research in positive psychology and neuroscience.

We’ve distilled our findings into the essence of what to focus on to align ourselves with the laws of nature and to live freely and healthily as fulfilled human beings. Named as the 4 pillar approach, listed below.


Studies found that feeling a sense of belonging is an important intrinsic motivator. Shared experiences spark new conversations, dissolve barriers, and build more supportive and integrated teams.

Positive psychology aligns the organisational perspective towards nurturing it’s employees specific interests and abilities, making them feel valued as unique individuals. 

Combining a rich understanding on the anatomy of stress with a structured meditation and breathwork practice, strengthens our ability to control our emotions and gradually bolsters resilience

EI develops best when we apply learned theory to our experiences. Developing meditation and other EI enhancing practices helps create space between stimuli and reaction; strengthening decision-making skills and paving the way to proceed with purpose.

The Sangha Experience was new & Exciting! I particularly enjoyed learning about Nature Inspired Innovation.

Member of Staff
Cambridge Assessment
Was looking forward to it all day and was a really lovely class ! Got to meet some other great people there. It's a really cool way to socialise with other people in the company as well that isn't drinks or food.

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About the founder

After graduating from Business School, Amr joined JP Morgan Private Bank as an analyst, working in the London and Edinburgh offices. He voluntarily started and ran the pilot of JP Morgan’s in-house meditation initiative Sit Back.  This project was an important milestone in Amr’s career as it put him on a journey of introducing  this unique blend of interactive personal development into organisations. 

 Amr is currently finishing his MSc in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, and has facilitated Sangha Gatherings in Universities, Fortune 100 companies and other organisations. 

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